M: 214-517-7409    Language:   Mandarin,   English

M: 214-517-7409

Language: Mandarin, English

Tong Wu 吴桐

Tong Wu was born and raised in China, she relocated in the US after college. She was well traveled in both China and US and adapted very well in any city she lived in, mainly because of her passion for food, culture, shopping, and people. Thus, she is bilingual in Mandarin and English and understand both cultures very well.

With a diverse background in hard science and social science, as well as her work experience in surgeries and research experience in multiple fields, she is very quick to understand client needs and very efficient while providing exactly what her clients ask for.

Her background in broad scale data research allows her to analyze and understand the real estate market accurately. Her passion for finding deals guided her everlasting energy when helping clients to score great deals and value in today's market.

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