NAREIG announces first real estate coupon Ethereum token for purchasing properties

NAREIG (North America Real Estate Investment Group) announced its real estate coupon Ethereum token pre-sale plan. NAREIG will tokenize the real estate coupon on Ethereum platform and enable the cryptocurrency owner to use this tokenized coupon to purchase properties. The token is named of HCT (House Coupon Token), and the opening pre-sale date will be January 16th, 2018.

"We are thrilled to announce our own Real Estate Coupon Ethereum tokens and it will become the first Real Estate Coupon tokens in the industry. Instead of establishing a brand-new distribution platform, we issue our tokens on Ethereum. Given to NAREIG’s business model, we decided to use blockchain technology to develop our application." said Hunter Lin, the Founder, and CEO of NAREIG.

The NAREIG tokens are “coupons to purchase real estate properties”. Each token purchased at $1 cash value can be redeemed as $100 token value which is $ 100 cash value when clients purchase properties with NAREIG. (Limitations and restrictions applied). Since the company’s business has expanded globally, the token can be utilized in 12 different countries. The HCT has very stable value and it also provides liquidity through tokenization.

NAREIG’s tokenization approach to real estate coupon sets an anchor value to the token, while many other tokens in the market proved to be unreliable and prone to volatility. The purpose of HCT is to provide stable incentives that benefit real estate investors. Historically, many types of coupons were wasted because of liquidation issues. After tokenization, our tokens can be easily acquired and sold in minutes.

NAREIG will only issue 20 million HCT tokens in total. It will distribute 1 million HCT during pre-sale, starting from January 16th to January 25th, 2018. After then, it will release 9 million HCT during crowd sale, starting from January 28th to March 18th, 2018. To learn more, please visit

NAREIG International Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage company. It represents clients worldwide in a broad spectrum of real estate services, including residential sales, commercial sales (such as office buildings, hotel, and retail centers), land development, property management, and additional services.

NAREIG was established in Seattle in 2012 with initial vision of providing an online-to-offline platform to help international real estate buyers to invest in North America. Over the past five years, NAREIG has evolved into an industry leader that providing real estate services in various states including Washington, California, and New York. With corporation of various local strategic partners, NAREIG has its operations in United Kingdom, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand.



历经4年打磨,由北美购房网与 NAREIG 国际地产联合编著的全球第一本详细介绍美国商业地产的中文著作《美国商业地产入门》即将向全球公开发售。从“初识商业地产”到“土地开发”,再到渗透整个投资历程的“税费”主题,本书的九个章节环环相扣,力图通过通俗简练的语言和丰富形象的案例帮您跨越中美信息不对称的鸿沟,传递真实客观的资讯,搭建完善的知识体系,绘制出一张完整、清晰的美国商业地产投资蓝图。

《美国商业地产入门》北美购房网 & NAREIG国际地产 | 编著





随着国内楼市调控的趋紧, 长期 “去投资化”的基调将影响各类投资者的未来决策。而与之对应的是, 中国楼市已从高速增长的“黄金十年”转向“白银时代”。随着近年 “高净值家庭” 的数量猛增, 中国机构和个人投资者将成为未来全球财富配置趋势的主导。

在这种大背景下 , 了解海外投资 “游戏规则” 显得尤为重要。通过此书,读者将得以窥见美国商业地产投资的“游戏 规则”, 有的放矢的规划自己的海外投资之路。

北京房地产中介行业协会会长 李文杰

作为业内第一本详细介绍美国商业地产的中文读物, 本书汇集了丰富的实战经验, 对知识 点进行了系统化梳理,通过投资案例为读者清晰解读概念, 在减少中美两国信息不对称上做出了重要贡献。《美国商业地产入门》文字精练、图文并貌, 在投资策略、商业地产开发、 购买流程等方面具有务实的指导价值和独到的见解,是一本不可多得的投资类著作。

兆龙出国顾问集团董事长 刘宇

中美房地产投资的最大不同就是 : 中国买家重视房价上涨幅度,而美国买家关注长期 租赁收益。虽然近年美国房产市场如火如荼,但其疯狂程度仍不敌国内,说不定是投资者们的另一条出路。无论是否真的要投资美国地产,本书都能让读者获得收获。”  

新浪名博 马跃成



1. 初识美国商业地产

1.1 什么是商业地产 ?

1.2 商业地产与住宅的差别 ?

1.3 为什么投资商业地产 ?


2. 走进商业地产

2.1 地产类型

2.2 租约种类

2.3 净租约地产的产权类别

2.4 投资方式


3. 房地产经济理论

3.1 市场需求

3.2 市场供应

3.3 价格调整

3.4 供需不平衡


4. 挑选项目

4.1 影响项目表现的因素

4.2 市场调查


5. 准备投资

5.1 定好预算,备齐资金

5.2 与专业团队合作

5.3 明确投资目的

5.4 地产回报指标 

5.5 决定是否建立家族信托

5.6 决定公司类型


6. 购买流程

6.1 寻找并确定项目

6.2 准备贷款

6.3 提交意向书

6.4 拟定购买协议,就合同条款协商

6.5 双方签字,合约生效 

6.6 过户


7. 土地开发

7.1 土地的定义

7.2 开发的六大阶段


8. 贷款

8.1 商业贷款与住宅贷款的区别

8.2 贷款机构

8.3 贷款数额

8.4 贷款审批时间 


9. 税费

9.1 购买环节

9.2 持有环节

9.3 抛售环节



本次预售仅面向中国大陆地区个人,限量100本,请通过点击最下方 “更多详情” 购买。北美地区个人及集团客户请与NAREIG商业地产部联系。


NAREIG 商业地产部微信: beimeishangye

NAREIG International Realty and Beckett Capital Advise Local Buyer on Acquisition of Parking Structure in San Francisco’s North Beach District

NAREIG International Realty and Beckett Capital Advise Local Buyer on Acquisition of Parking Structure in San Francisco’s North Beach District

San Francisco, May 30, 2017 - NAREIG International Realty and Beckett Capital announce today that they have advised a Silicon Valley investor on the acquisition of 425 Broadway, a two level parking structure situated on a 14,226 sf parcel located in San Francisco’s North Beach.

The buyer was represented by Mike Pan of NAREIG and David Noravian of Beckette Capital. The seller, a local family, was represented by Seth McKinnon of CBRE.

Prior to this transaction, the property had been owned by the family for more than six decades. The purchase price was $11,000,000.


About NAREIG International Realty

NAREIG International Realty is U.S. NO.1 full-service real estate brokerage representing Chinese clients in a broad spectrum of real estate services, including residential, commercial, land development, and related concierge services.

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NAREIG is committed to connecting quality properties to high-net-worth real estate investors internationally by leveraging the most robust online platform, creative offline marketing strategies, a worldwide network of experienced brokers & property managers, and a full suite of innovative financial services.