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Matthew Hochstrasser

Matthew Hochstrasser has accumulated over 20 years of diverse experience as an entrepreneur and business executive. He has skillfully completed numerous transactions in the world of finance and real estate. Throughout the last ten years he has assisted multiple companies in achieving their business funding goals. Matthew has acted as a spokesperson for various Fortune 500 companies. He also has owned and operated several successful businesses.

Matthew was educated at La Salle Academy where he learned to operate in a highly efficient manner. In college he studied marketing and won numerous awards for his academic mastery. Matthew studied at The University of Erasmus and in Italy. He has a keen understanding of diverse cultures. Matthew has had a Real Estate License since 1997. Many companies have hired Matthew to assist in developing and implementing marketing strategies. He has been heavily involved with many charitable organizations, including the Art Institute for Children.

Matthew's experiences in sales, deal structures, business development, and negotiations bring forth a powerful wealth of experience. The dynamic experiences achieved throughout his career have proven to be an asset to both buyers and sellers of businesses, as they navigate through this complex process.