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M:917-679- 2056

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Greg Hiltons

Greg Hiltons financial background prepared him well for dealing with the New York Real Estate Market. A native New Yorker, Greg has a deep understanding of what’s involved in the Real Estate arena, whether in sales or lease, and what the best solution would be for each individual situation.

As an experienced agent who works with a varied clientele, whether relocating to Manhattan from all over the world, or those local clients seeking to invest in real estate. Greg has an excellent knowledge of the city’s multiple uniquely distinct enclaves, within New York’s ever-evolving market to locate the perfect property. His background as a “Full Service” agent conducting both sales and lease business also helps him to manage investment properties for owners seeking qualified tenants.

Greg approaches your Real Estate needs founded on an unrivaled ethical basis, continually striving to conduct business with an eye on always building long-term relationships with those he represents, which often turn into friendships. His drive to succeed is attained by the sheer desire to witness his client’s complete satisfaction.